AS Mekanikk Skips- og Industriservice is a family-run mechanical workshop with roots dating back to the 1920s. We specialize in engineering, welding, machining, and assembly. In addition, we have an ISPS quay and offer logistics services. With many years of experience and a skilled team, we are ready to meet your needs in ship and industrial services.

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AS Mekanikk Skips- og Industriservice was founded on Holbergallmenningen in 1920 and has always been a family-owned and operated workshop. In the 1980s, the workshop relocated to premises in Slakthustomten in Sandviken.

In the 1990s, it moved to Bergen Sporveis' old premises in Nygård, before a new workshop was built in Gravdal in the mid-2000s. Over the years, AS Mekanikk Skips- og Industriservice has served a wide range of small and large players in both the offshore/shipping industry and local industrial and infrastructure sectors.

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