Deep Water Tooling - Sheave Module

May 2023

For our esteemed customer and partner, Deep Water Tooling, we designed and manufactured a mobile sheave wheel module for use in conjunction with their new spooling device.


Engineering - Plate Work- Machining - Welding - Testing - Surface treatment

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Plate Work- Machining - Welding - Surface treatment - Assembly - Testing

Giertsen - 6 pcs drums

June 2022

For our valued customer, Giertsen Water Technology, we manufactured 6 reels for hoses to be used with their TROV (Robot for cleaning mountain reservoirs and tunnels). We conducted testing and further development to ensure optimal use of the reels during operation.


During development of W. Giertsen Vannteknologi's Tunnel ROV which operates in and clean drinking water reservoirs, AS Mekanikk have supported us by providing a high quality service during design and production of the hose reels, the hose spooling unit and during modifications to the reel drive base. AS Mekanikk's experienced personnel with versatile backgrounds are great to cooperate with on these "one of a kind" development projects. The "can-do" attitude while maintaining a high quality standard is what keeps us coming back as a satisfied customer.- Carl Martin Sangolt, Operations and Operations Manager, W. Giertsen Vannteknologi AS
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Ocean Infinity / Solstad - Hangar

September 2019

We carried out a multi-disciplinary project involving the fabrication of a 120-ton hangar. The project encompassed project management, prefabrication, surface treatment, installation, outfitting, and testing. The result was a successful delivery of a high-quality hangar to our customers.


Project management - Plate Work- Machining - Welding - Assembly - Testing - ISPS